Terms & Conditions

1. Membership on Zydating****
Membership of Zydating**** is free for all its users as of its all content and functionality of the portal.

2. Delete profile

The profile at Zydating**** can not be deleted arbitrarily, except when it is done by an administrator or an inquiry with a request and an explanation is made, why you want to do it.

3. Stricly forbidden activities and content:

uploading of content which is in breech of domestic and/or international laws such as racist, offensive, threatening, or paedofilic materials, or material which in anyway shows children or young persons.
– false representation or registration under the identity of another person
– uploading of material in breech of copyright or ownership rights
– uploading of promotional or advertising material
– deliberate sending of content which contains a computer virus or other malicious code, with the intent of damaging, destroying or limiting the use of computer hardware, software or data.
– uploading of another persons personal information
– public display of data which unambiguously reveals the indentity of yourself or others (name, surname, e-**** or postal address, telephone numbers etc.)
Zydating**** retains the right but are not obligated to delete content which breaks terms and conditions of use. Zydating**** also reserves the right to fully or in part remove content which a user has uploaded without prior warning and for any reason, and undertake any necessary legal steps against a user who is in breech of these terms and conditions.


4. Waiver of responsibilities
Zydating**** does not guarantee access for all content and services at all times and from every computer and/or operating system. All content and services are published with the best of intention, but with not guarantee of accuracy or functionality. Zydating**** does not bear responsibility for direct or indirect damage arising from the use of its content or services, nor for damage of any kind incurred as a result of possible criminal acts against the integrity of Zydating**** and its users, like cyber crime and physical offenses. All users accept that for possible damages resulting from criminal acts will not in any way charge Zydating****